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countdown until our first global strategy call to SUpport peace in Korea:

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Join our global call to stop Trump's march to war

Join a global strategy call focused on avoiding a U.S. war on North Korea with participants from every continent. 18th March at 6pm GMT.


Who will be on the call?


The Conversation

Why is this important?

At this point it appears that Donald Trump is angling to drag the United States into a global conflict. Over the last few weeks Trump has escalated the conflict with North Korea from reckless rhetoric to frightening actions including dropping his candidate for ambassador to South Korea over his refusal to support a preemptive military strike, imposing new unilateral sanctions over the objections of the global community and, in an act reminiscent of the lead up to the Iraq war, using his state of the union to highlight human rights abuses and the North Korean threat to the US homeland.

That’s why, on Sunday, March 18, thousands of activist leaders from many nations will discuss how to blunt Trump’s escalating and reckless military aggression, hear how U.S. progressives are mobilizing, and learn how people around the world can join a Coalition of the Unwilling to help stop a potential war with North Korea before it ever starts.

A military conflict with North Korea would be devastating, likely costing millions of lives and escalating into a global conflict pitting nuclear states against one another. Stopping such a massive threat will take all of us, working together as one committed, global activist community...

The Strategy

What are we going to do about it?

When America goes to war, it almost always seeks to form a “coalition of the willing,” a collection of allied countries that provide legitimacy and support for U.S. efforts. Any American war will also require the support of countries around the world who host American bases, provide America with intelligence, and support its operations with their own military forces. Preventing an unjust and unnecessary war requires U.S. organizing and an equally robust coalition of unwilling activists and organizations around the world to stand in the way.

Fifteen years ago, in the run up to the Iraq War, too many countries supported  George W. Bush’s disastrous war of choice. We can’t make that same mistake with Donald Trump. If we can help make it clear to the American public and to the U.S. Congress that if Donald Trump takes their country to war, he’ll be doing it alone, it will help those working for peace win the debate and stop a war before it ever starts.




Introducing the Coalition of the Unwilling.


We are coming together as the people of many nations. We do not wish to interfere in others’ affairs, but the threat of war is a life and death matter that crosses national lines and concerns us all.

In the past, many of us have seen politicians rush into a “coalition of the willing” under false premises, embroiling brave service men and women in unjust wars with terrible consequences. We will not allow this mistake to be repeated. Not on our watch.

We are unwilling to let our collective security be undermined by bullying, insults and catastrophic violence.

We are unwilling to be pushed or deceived into unjust aggression.

We are unwilling to stay silent, or be pitted against each other, as our countries grapple with the most significant decision that any nation can make. As people of many nations, we have many different views and priorities. But we share a responsibility to learn and connect directly with each other.

We will speak up in the face of a rising threat.

This is our Coalition of the Unwilling.


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